If I decide to use your services, how do I secure the date?

A deposit of $500.00 and a signed contract is needed to officially “hold” or secure services for your wedding date.  At times, while working out final details, clients may be “penciled in”, but this is not official and very temporary.

I’m not seeing exactly what we’re looking for as far as your packages.  Do you offer other choices?

I try to offer flexibility in order to please everyone.  Although it isn’t always possible, I encourage you to contact k.m. keagy photogaphy to discuss your needs.

Where are you located and how far will you travel?

I currently work out my home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and will travel to most places within the Susquehanna Valley. Including Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Adams, Perry, Chester Counties and others. Mileage exceeding 60 miles round trip the day of the wedding will be billed at 30 cents per mile.

What if we are not interested in having a pre-wedding / engagement session?

The pre-wedding / enagement session included with the six and eight hour plan may be exchanged for a $75 credit towards the purchase of your Hourly Plan.


What kind of training, schooling or experience do you have?

My interest in photography really began when I was young. Catching Jimmy “Superfly” Snooka performing the “Superfly” off the top rope with my red, Kodak Disc camera was my first photographic achievement (You’re probably too young). Later, I took every photography class I could in High School followed by a BFA in Applied Media Arts from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I had the great privilege of interning with a fantastic commercial photographer in Erie, PA and eventually ended up back in the Lancaster area. I did some work for Fly Magazine which consisted of restaurant interiors and music concerts including Kiss, Linkin Park and Poison. In 2001 I had a gallery showing titled Same Places which included a collection of landscape and nature prints. The first wedding I photographed was in 1998 and have photographed an average of 15 a year since then.

Do you work alone or with another photographer or assistant?

In the past, I have photographed the majority of weddings by myself. I found that it is easier and more convenient at times to be on my own. If I thought help would be needed for any wedding day an assistant or second professional photographer would be arranged.  If requested, a second photographer can be arranged for an additional cost.

What kind of camera do you use?

This is probably my least favorite question to be asked.  For the most part, I’m a firm believer that the type of camera really doesn’t matter when it comes to the final product.  That being said, and with digital capture, it is important to use a camera capable of a decent resolution and image quality to ensure optimum results.  For the record, I personally prefer Nikon equipment.

What do you consider your style of photography – tradition, candid, photo-journalistic, etc?

I like to consider myself a documentary photographer or a story-teller. Simply documenting your day as it unfolds with as few interruptions as possible. I will also take any traditional photographs normally included, such as bride and groom, wedding party and family portraits and of course the cutting of the cake, bouquet toss, dancing, etc. Not to mention any additional ideas you may have.

Can I make prints from the cd/dvd that I receive?

Along with your disk you will receive a letter releasing every image for reproduction and personal use. Each file will also be large enough (high-resolution) to print just about any size you desire.

Do you only take a predetermined number of photographs at every wedding?

No. While attending Edinboro University I was taught that film was cheap and if you shoot a million images you’re bound to get one or two good ones.  With things being digital these days, I think you know my feelings 🙂

If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a meeting please feel free to contact me using the information posted on the right.

Thank you!